About Us

Nice to meet you :)

In early 2018, PawPawDear came to life as a cozy haven for pet enthusiasts. Our journey began with Sherry, our co-founder, and her feline companion, Million. Sharing the same devotion as any cat mom, Sherry embarked on a quest to pamper Million with the finest supplies and delectable treats.

Disheartened by the limited local options, she delved into a mission. That's when she decided to invite another co-founder, Jessie, and her charming American Shorthair, Cola, to join in the search for the most unique, adorable, and delightful products for their beloved feline friends. Through this adventure, they discovered a strong passion for curating a world of wonders for all cat families.

In the past few years, two more adorable additions joined the family: the long-haired cuties Milk and Cookie. Caring for these fluffy companions deepened their understanding of how to nurture cats of different breeds.

PawPawDear's sole mission is to make the lives of cat families easier, happier, and better - one purr at a time.

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