【PIDAN】豆腐膨润土混合猫砂 (土豆-升级配方) - 6L
【PIDAN】豆腐膨润土混合猫砂 (土豆-升级配方) - 6L
【PIDAN】豆腐膨润土混合猫砂 (土豆-升级配方) - 6L
【PIDAN】豆腐膨润土混合猫砂 (土豆-升级配方) - 6L
【PIDAN】豆腐膨润土混合猫砂 (土豆-升级配方) - 6L
【PIDAN】豆腐膨润土混合猫砂 (土豆-升级配方) - 6L

【PIDAN】豆腐膨润土混合猫砂 (土豆-升级配方) - 6L

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The ore raw material goes through the DSRE refining process and with Ultra-Dedust Tech dust control technology to produce crushed bentonite particles. And they are mixed with 2 mm diameter pidan tofu cat litter.


  • Innovative composite cat litter creates ultra-new user experience.
  • Combination tofu cat litter with bentonite elevates the effectiveness.
  • High quality bentonite material from Minerals Technologies® in the USA plus food grade soy bean dregs without any artificial fragrances.
  • Absorbing liquid into solid clumps within 3 seconds;
  • Special formula with extra antibacterial material.
  • Low dust guaranteed by NPDA dust-free technology from the U.S.
  • Solid clumping for higher efficiency and non-stick to litter box bottom.
Materials: Bentonite/Bean Dregs

Attention: In the transportation process, it is impossible to avoid the package colliding and resulting in the bag losing its vacuum; please be careful to buy if you mind. The vacuum packaging is for removing dust and the convenience of putting each bag into a box. Thus, vacuum packaging has nothing to do with the cat litter's function and shelf life. So, the cat litter is safe even if its bag loses its vacuum.